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What to see around

The rich heritage of Apt :

  • In Caseneuve near Apt you can visit theSaint-Anne Cathedral, a building that gives views over the whole city.
  • The Carluc Priory situated on the sideof the wooded cliff, between Céresteand Reillane.
  • The Colin d’Albertas Consular Palace, built on the orders of the Consul d’Albertasin the middle of the 17th century.
  • The Monumental Oratory, agiganticand unusual and monument located at the entry of Caseneuve, is certainly the biggest oratory in Provence.

Visit the different markets in the Lubéron- Apt region:

  • Saint Saturninlès Apt,held Tuesday mornings in the place Gambetta. This is also a producers’ market on Fridays from 5pm to 9 pm during the summer season (June15thto September15th).
  • Rustrel,held Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm in la Place de la Fête
  • Viens,held Wednesday mornings in the Allée des Platanes
  • Céreste,held Thursday mornings in the Place du Général de Gaulle
  • Caseneuve,held Thursday mornings, opposite the Town Hall
  • Saignon,held Thursday mornings,from April toOctober, in the Marché Nature
  • Villars,held Sunday mornings,during the summer, in the Place de la Fontaine

In our region of Provence :

You can admire the ochres of Luberon by bicycle or on the footpaths, these are some great landscapes created by man and nature!

Apt is the capital of candied fruits !

This method of fruit conservation appeared in Provence in the middle ages.

You will be able to discover differentartisans, confectioners andcrafts in our region!

On the cliffs of Lubéron !

With our region’sclimate and the qualityof theterrain to train on, why nottreatyourself to a climb on thecliffsof Lubéron?

Horse riders have differenttrails available to try!

Around our site you will be able to try out the various riding centres.

If you also feel like doing some paragliding or even hot air ballooning ; you can find these activities in the region.